T&S Cooperative is a worker cooperative dedicated to transcribing, translating, subtitling and closed-captioning films, videos and conferences.

Our professional team of translators and technicians includes many filmmakers who are intimately familiar with the tight budgets, workflows and deadlines associated with the industry.

We also know about the passion, personal investment and intimate knowledge that filmmakers bring to their work and their films.

We are based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

What we are known for


T&S Cooperative is first and foremost specialized in translating and subtitling documentary films made in Quebec and in Canada. Several members of the coop are documentary filmmakers and have intimate knowledge of this domain.

We can help problem-solve workflow issues for films shot in multiple languages, from post-production transcription to subtitling the finished film into required languages.


When it comes to the cultures and sub-cultures associated with lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer worlds, language is of the essence. The vocabulary in these worlds is in constant expansion – all the more reason to craft its translation with great care and intimate knowledge. We’re especially determined to ensure that gender-inclusive language is used in all films.

Conferences & Lectures

Our services are not just for feature films; we also welcome projects from the university sector and the professional and artistic community. We provide subtitling and captioning services for conferences, panel discussions, academic lectures and museum exhibits, as well as galas and other special events recorded for streaming or online broadcast.